Few Tips on Women Safety

look1Help Desk provides any help or assistance regarding personal safety tips for women while in distress and self defense measures:

  • Use your sixth sense while traveling in India.
  • Pepper spray, like other self-defense tools can be a useful tool.But,Never depend on any self-defense tool or weapon to stop an attacker. Always depend on your personal intuition.
  • When you chased by a predator, always yell for help. Do whatever you can do to attract attention.
  • Avoid ‘unwanted friends’ when you are traveling alone.
  • Avoid empty buses and when hiring taxis note down taxi registration number.
  • Apply your intuition and keep shouting when you realize that someone follow you.
  • Remember, Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone,especially for women.
  • Self Defense Training is necessary for working women, college going students but not complicated one.
  • The self defense training should be based on realistic situation which can be useful for real life situation.
  • You should know that how to escape the real life situation.Just run away, cried for help.

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