Women Safety:Awareness is necessary

crimeI was  literally dumbfounded when I heard that a 23 year old college student  was raped for nearly an hour in a moving bus, and both she and her male companion were beaten with an iron rod and thrown out of the the bus by some young men in New Delhi. Later the girl was succumbed to death.But I think candle light vigil and clashes  with the police to vent our anger cannot change the overall outlook about women in the Indian society. Girls are somewhat more  abused than boys. According to World Health organization (WHO),150 million girls have been subjected to sexual violence including forced sexual intercourse.At that time, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India  had rightly said that everyone in society should learn to respect women. Failure to do so is resulting in incidents like New Delhi gang rape. I do believe that apart from creating  strong criminal laws, fast track courts, strong and active police force, increasing awareness is necessary to curb  violence against women. Society should learn to respect women first. In the name of dignity of women, incidents of moral policing have been on the rise.


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