Women Safety: Few Tips


  • Always walk or travel to school,college,office and back home in groups.Avoid walking on lonely or deserted streets when you are alone.
  • If you have to travel alone by bus or train, always take ladies seat or travel in ladies compartment in train.
  • If you feel that someone invariably want to  touche you in public places try to attract attention.
  • When you are in a peculiar situation, you should decide what to do whether fight or run away from the situation.
  • Take self-defense classes and exercise regularly to increase your flexibility
  • Avoid late night travel
  • Avoid taxis and autos or empty private buses.
  • Avoid lonely, dark streets,allays. if you noticed that someone stalking you, turn back and yelling for help.
  • Avoid listening to music on headphones when you are travel alone, always cautious.
  • If you are walking alone, try to carry sharp weapons like Swiss knife,chilli spray, nail cutter.But use these items carefully.
  • When a stranger attack you target his eyes or groin.
  • Always carry useful numbers and download mobile apps.

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