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Nisha Bose an experienced lady private investigator in Kolkata & her Team Peaock Media has started an initiative to reach women in distress. Their private investigation service includes spouse cheating, Undercover Operation,Surveillance,Pre-Matrimonial, Post Metrimonial problems,Sting Operation,Spy Operation,Extra Merital affairs using social networking sites with minimum cost and latest technologies under the guidance of Europe’s leading lady private investigators .

lap1Nisha admires leading lady private investigators across the world such as Rebecca Jane, Julia Hartley Moore, Rajni Pandit, Laura Lee-Walker, Sheila Wysocki, Helen Walsh, Susan Banister, Tamara Thompson.comMeet The Team Peacock Media Lady detectives through Whats App Messenger+919903783187 for details and rates.Powered By All India Crime & Investigative Journalists Association (AICIJA).womn (2)

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We abide by The Private Detective Agencies Regulation Bill 20007

We do believe that Deception plays a major role in any undercover operation. We follow the same guidelines provided by  Radio and Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) as followed by Investigative Reporter when conductiong undercover operations such as :

* Meticulous planning is necessary for any sting operation.

* A strong team headed by an experienced journalist( in our case experienced Investigator) closely monitor the entire operation.

* Review the progress every day.

* We must ensure that only junior or less experienced reporter( investigator in our part)  will send into the field along with an experienced reporter( in our case experienced private investigator).

* Legal experts should review everything from time to time,its legal aspects,tapes of sting operation and should have the power to remove the unacceptable parts.

* Our contacts should be active participants in the whole process and obviously a steady flow of fund to carry out the operation.

Team Peacock Media Keep Certian things in mind before any undercover operation: 

What I do if my cover is blown up?
Can I lie to maintain my cover?
What happens If I see a crime being committed?

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